Excellence is Habit.

aristotlefilteredThis blog is a place for me to download (or upload to be honest) my thoughts. Informative and inspirational, covering many subjects from an easily distractible brain. Some posts will be part fortune cookie and others part motivational speaker. In time, I hope to inspire others, while inspiring myself to achieve my goals.


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Thine Aim Be True.

Traditional target arrow and replica medieval ...

Your goals are the bullseye, you, the arrow, and life is the archer.  When you experience set backs, always remember: The archer knows, to hit the target, one must pull the arrow back.  Always keep your goals in your sight, steady your breath, and make sure your aim is true.  Do not give up just because your arrow was pulled back.  It is only the beginning.  With determination and will, the flight will be swift.  Enjoy your journey.  Excel, and be Excellent.



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